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We approach our consulting work with a view to deeply understand the unique challenges faced by your organisation and co create a solution specific to the needs of your business.


Our approach draws on years of experience working alongside leaders through periods of change and transformation. Our approach will bring stability and structure, always with an eye to personal learning and growth.

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As Consultants we see our role as partners, working alongside you and your team to identify ways in which you can collectively lead your organisation with greater impact. The work we do very often explores the underlying dynamics that exist within all teams, both those that are serving you and can be leveraged further, and those that are perhaps holding you back or limiting your impact.

Our passion and dedication is very much towards developing an in depth understanding of the teams we partner with, uncovering their purpose and vision both from a personal and collective perspective, with a view to very practically bringing this to life in the work they do. 


Our practitioners and associates are accredited in a variety of Leadership Development and Systemic facilitation tools and techniques, which we will often lean on as a means by which we can initiate this conversation.

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Our specialism in Organisational development begins with working with your business to explore the critical factors impacting on your ability to achieve your key strategic goals. By co-creating a vision for the future we work with organisations to explore the required Mindset, Skillset and Conditions necessary to make that vision a reality.

Utilising a plethora of different tools and techniques, whilst also drawing on many accumulated years of experience, we build tailored programmes to achieve long term and sustainable growth and improvement. 


Our offer can be both Consultative or more hands-on, carrying particular expertise in the fields of Strategic agility, Change Management/Leadership, Agile ways of working, Coaching capability, Team development and Learning agility.



Soulful Leadership offer a safe pair of hands to help guide and coach you in the co-creation of your transformation strategy, with a view to generating long term engagement, integration and adoption across your organisation.

Our approach is focussed on deeply understanding the aspirations and vision of your organisation, and building the necessary skills and mindset, often starting with the Leadership, to guide the organisation through periods of significant change and transformation.

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Soulful Leadership have access to a network of highly qualified coaching practitioners with many years experience working alongside leaders in supporting their personal growth and development. Their support may be equally valuable for new leaders, at the beginning of their journey and looking to establish good patterns and habits, as well as more established leaders looking to elevate their leadership impact, and maybe explore or break certain tendencies that no longer serve them.

We will always encourage the development of peer to peer coaching, and see our role as facilitating the building of internal coaching capability for the organisations we serve, removing the possibility of long term dependency.


Our process is always to work alongside the clients we serve to co-design interventions that are truly tailored to the needs of your team and organisation. The examples below give you a taste of some of the solutions we might be able to offer.

Paul Skingley - Vice President Clinical Operations – UK and Ireland


"Their work with us over 4 intense days helped deepen our understanding of each other , professionally and personally.  This has fostered a culture of trust in a newly formed team.  They mixed deep conceptual topics and simple fun exercises to help us on this journey."

Organisations We've Worked With.

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