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The Search for the Soulful Leader

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About The Podcast

What does it mean to be a truly Soulful Leader? Hear conversations and interviews with Business Leaders, Leadership and Organisational Development practitioners and some of worlds Leading academics in the field, as we explore the answer to this question, uncovering the nature of Soulful Leadership, and all that it entails.

Our Guests

Our Producer

James Court

James Court is a former Capital FM and Heart Alumni, acting as covering producer on their Brighton breakfast show for a short stint. James has gone from humble student radio, to Breakfast and drive time, interviewing celebs and then to producing his own podcast. Further expanding, James has now produced 5 podcasts for various clients and is looking to help more people with their podcasting journey.

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James' Portfolio

Podcast Support

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Do you need help with your podcast? Are you interested in starting your own?

If you would like any advice or hands on expertise for any stages of the podcast creation process, consider giving James an email.

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