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Phil King


Phil’s 20 years of experience in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industry, in a variety of Commercial management, Leadership and Organisational development roles, has given him a firm grounding in how Organisations function effectively within a dynamic, fast paced and ever evolving environment. 


More recently Phil has been working with a range of Leaders and Leadership teams, across Industry, exploring how their own narrative and sense of identity can play out in their Leadership style, and how this can offer both great strength, whilst at times potentially limiting their progress.


His passion for creating space for Leaders to elevate the impact of organisations for their people and wider society, compelled him to start this initiative alongside Cass, where they hope to generate movement towards a more Soulful, Fulfilling and Purpose Driven Leadership dialogue. 

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Cassandra Rix


Cass’s personal journey has led her from Opera Singer and Healthcare Marketer to Global Strategy Consultant, Fitness Professional and bodybuilder, to yogi, coach and HR Director, before founding The Resonance Coach. Her vision is to change the world view of leadership, one conversation at a time.


Over the course of her commercial career in Healthcare, her empathetic and straightforward speaking, coaching and facilitation skills have enabled culture shifts at a micro and macro level and proven that honest and vulnerable leadership results in profitable growth.


Her passion and purpose is to enable truthful leadership narratives to be voiced and heard in commercial environments, to realise a future leadership paradigm where people and organisations rediscover their Soul. A serendipitous conversation with Phil led her to partner with him to clear and hold a space for the voices of Soulful Leadership to be heard.

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