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The Podcast Show 2022: The Search for the Soulful Leader Visits

The Spotify Amplify Theatre

This summer is an exciting time for The Search for the Soulful Leader. Not only will it be the one year anniversary of our podcast on June 1st, but we also got the exciting opportunity to visit a first of its kind Podcast event in London:The Podcast Show 2022.

Hosted at the Business Design Centre in Islington, this two day event saw podcasters, studios, celebrities and many others in the audio industry gather together to network, listen to fascinating talks and share their love of podcasting. We sent social media manager Megan Jagger and producer James Court from our team to the event to learn and explore.

The event was spread over two days, with the first day starting promptly at 9am. James attended Interview the Interviewer with guests Louis Theroux and Emily Maitlis. Louis, known for his documentary filmmaking and Emily for her gripping interview work (Most recently gaining acclaim for her infamous interview with Prince Andrew). Both guests gave their unique views on entering the podcast game and its differences to traditional broadcast media.

Giovanna Fletcher and Gabby Logan discuss the Power of Creative Collaboration.

This preliminary discussion gave a feel for what would be expected at the podcast show. And with that, Megan and James explored many talks covering a wide range of subjects. The Indie Kids, featuring Dan Schreiber from No Such Thing as a Fish, discussed the challenges of being independent in the podcast space, but also the benefits and rewards. The Power of Creative Collaboration, featuring Giovanna Fletcher: Queen of the Jungle, explained how audiences can be grown through building inclusive communities and working with others. When asked what their favourite or most useful talk was however, James and Megan came to the same conclusion. Finding Your Tribe, a discussion hosted by James Cooper of My Dad Wrote a Porno, and featuring three guests: James Gregory (Host of Roll Britannia, a Dungeons and Dragons podcast), Andy Mcgrillen (Host of That UFO Podcast) and Joanna Love (Host of A Woman's Brew, a female beer related podcast).

At face value, you might think that these podcasts are too niche, their following must be rather small, they can't be making a financially sustainable podcast, but that is where you would be wrong. Asking James why he found this talk particularly inspiring, he said, 'All three of these podcasts were pulling in numbers in the millions, and this was because they are so niche. James, Andy and Joanna discussed how having a specific topic has helped them to grow a dedicated audience that come directly to them for content around a subject that might be hard to find anywhere else. Not only that, they have created these shows independently, from their homes. Andy is even doing it in his shed. It's fantastic and I came out of that talk with a newfound inspiration.'

Megan continued, 'It shows how niche podcasts can be whilst also extremely popular, which I think is unique to other forms of media. Everyone has a different niche, identity, thing that they enjoy and being able to create a successful podcast out of that is exciting.'

A busy walk through the main hall.

But it wasn't all inspirational talks and discussions. The main hall was filled with stalls and exhibits from many of the huge names in podcasting. We grabbed a juice and a tote bag from the Spotify bar, tried out some audio equipment with BBC Sounds, sipped a couple of glasses of champagne with Global, there was so much to do.

The atmosphere was one of positivity and togetherness. Podcasting is an industry that has blown up in recent years, particularly after the pandemic. People from all walks of life have come together to share in this unique medium. That was truly felt here. As the days drew to a close, the Hub bar in the middle of the main hall was host to a happy hour, where attendees could grab a drink and really get stuck in with networking.

By the end of the second day, Megan and James had seen many talks, met a variety of new people and expanded their podcasting network. It was a long couple of days with early rises and late ends, but it was worth it. The Podcast Show 2022 is a first of its kind international podcasting festival, something that should be celebrated and supported. There is invaluable knowledge and experience to be gained that cannot be achieved on your own when creating a podcast or at the office with your team.

Megan, James and Tiegan Yates, host of the Court Case Podcast, enjoying some champagne at the Global booth.

The entire Soulful Leadership team are keen to further expand our podcasting network. If you are interested in meeting or networking with us at similar events, host Phil King, James Court and Megan Jagger will be at the British Podcast Award nominations on the 20th June. Members of our team will then be making appearances at the British Podcast Awards weekend from the 22nd July. There will be updates as we get closer to the event.

- James Court (Producer - The Search for the Soulful Leader)

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